Neil Dawson

Neil Dawson

Hometown: Kaufman, TX

Neil/Holy Spirit

Experience: 36 Years...thousands and thousands of hours playing, yet I feel like I'm only NOW getting started! LOVE music...listening to it as well as arranging, writing and recording it. I really hope you like my stuff and look forward to hearing from you.

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thanks don! your site just keeps getting better and better. i love the new look! new Christmas 2010 music uploads coming to you later today. been having a blast recording lately!- neil

Hi Neil - We are all thrilled to see your music on the site, and it goes without saying that your talents are remarkable. D.

Such great music Neil! up there with the best of the writers and artists.

thank you LM (aka Bwow!) and the other two anonymous folks for your encouragement! Very appreciated. much more to come!! :) - neil

Awesome music --- I have many songs. Just bought your CD from Amazon, can't wait for it to arrive. Keep the music coming Neil. Lisa M.

Neil - you are a maestro! Thanks for the great tunes.

great music Neil.

So you finally finished an album project! Guess miracles do happen :) Look forward to hearing the new material soon. Keep it up! Jack

You are right about "Chopin it up" being a strange sounding song but it is kind of a unique combination. I like it and others as well! TD

could that be "joe d. from CT?!!" how are ya old friend? glad you like the music! lots of new stuff coming soon :)- neil

Congrats on making the" top 20!" Looking forward to hearing more of your music. Any new material in the works?- Joe D.

Wonderful music. Thank you, keep it up the good work.

thanks so much DS! very excited you took time to visit, especially amidst the "chaos of the count!" glad you like the music too :) neil

Neil I am so impressed! I had no idea you were full of all this artistic talent! I love the music! DS aka the PM

You have an enjoyable and unique sound.... a gifted and creative composer. AV

you are right AP. i only listed songs in piano/concerto as it was the only genre listing with "piano" upon which most of my music is based.

I noted some of your music listed under piano/concerto. Though nice music, I wouldn't consider any of your songs classical compositions. AP

thanks for the "A" and kind words JS! only "classical training" was a few lessons on guitar but i've listened to a lot of classical music!

I am a music teacher who finds it difficult to believe you received a "D-" in Theory! You sound classically trained: "A-plus" Neil!- JS

i REALLY appreciate the kind feedback. will add vocals(via talented singers i know) soon to some of the songs an lots of new stuff coming!

Hi Neil - Your music is of very high calibre, and I hope you do well on the site with both recognition and with sales. DJM

Interesting take on some of those Holiday standards. Actually a breath of fresh air. Very nice arrangements. Mike C.

When will you add singing to some of these? I can hear words in many of them. If you need help with lyrics, let me know. Nice songs! WM

Beautiful! Will save you to my favorites and check back often. Keep recording this awesome music and I'll keep buying it!

"Ave Maria" and "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel" were my favorites among several others I enjoyed. Really like your style. Keep it up Neil.- Tom

the thunder, jets etc came with the voices on the yamaha motif 6 keyboard i used for most of my recordings. it's real fun using the stuff!

Is that thunder recorded from a real storm or from a sound effects file? It sounds very authentic.

thanks MP- will have to re-record "in darkness." very old tune. glad you like thunder and fx AC. we get a lot of thunder our here in TX!

All of them are very enjoyable. The audio on "In Darkness" sounded a little muddy. Still a good song, reminded me a little of Floyd.-MP

I LOVE the thunder in "God Rest Ye Merry Exorcists!" The jet fly over in "Hatikvah" is great too. Great effects :) AC

Thanks! I know what you mean about "good new age." Just the relaxing music sans the whacky, erroneous belief system. Thanks for comment!

A nice hybrid of progressive rock, classical and new age (and I mean that in the best possible way)...I even added a few to my iPod!

thanks so much JM! i'm very excited to be here. if there is anything i can play/record for you, let me know. i enjoy song requests.- neil

Very soothing calming and peaceful in their presentation. Thanks Neil, and good Luck!! JM

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Neil was forced, by his mother (thanks, i mean it!), to take one year of guitar lessons at the age of seven. His guitar teacher Pete was a certified genius across the boards and inventor of the self sealing tire... though a severe task master and tyrant to his guitar students. (“It was a tough intro to music...thou
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